She is not only the beautiful wife of Dr. Charlie, and mother of their three wonderful kids, Megan, Sean and Ryan, but she is also our office manager. She has an extensive history teaching in the public school system, and has mentored many people in the past several years, helping them grow not only in their skills, but in their personal lives as well. These experiences and the leadership and compassion that encompass them translate very well into our office, and serve to help maintain and organize a stress-free environment in our office, and to help you understand the complexities that may arise with your health care endeavor.


My name is Mckayla Lahr and I am the newest member at Kingswood Family Chiropractic. I just moved to Surprise, Arizona from Roseburg,Oregon. I am 24 years old and love being outdoors. I attended Oregon State University and I am now currently attending Brookline College to become a dental assistant. I am new to chiropractic, but so far it has helped me in many different ways I didn’t think were possible. It not only helps me sleep better, but I rarely get headaches now. I am very excited to be working here!


Kayla moved to the Valley in 2007 from the Midwest after graduating with a degree in Professional Photography. It wasn’t until experiencing pain for 2 years that she became a loyal follower to chiropractic care. “Having a natural, simplistic lifestyle is important to maintaining a balanced sense of well being. Cutting out toxic chemicals in everyday products from beauty & hygiene to processed foods is one way I help achieve optimum health for myself. I have witnessed time & time again how chiropractic care has changed the lives of patients for the better and returned them to a state of functionality when nothing and no one else in the medical community could help them.”


Friendly and knowledgeable. You can be assured that our staff will be there to answer your questions and provide you with exceptional service. - Dr. Charles Enouen

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Dr. Charles Enouen

Master Chiropractor

My name is Dr. Charlie Enouen (rhymes with pronoun). I am the chiropractor at Kingswood Family Chiropractic. Our office is conveniently located on the N.W.C. of Bell & Reems roads in the Fry’s Shopping Center.

I was born and raised in North Phoenix. While I was attending the University of Arizona as a pre-med major, I suffered a severe right shoulder dislocation, along with injuring my upper back and neck. This all occurred during a violent water skiing accident. After being seen by the medical doctors, I was eventually cared for by the father of a good friend, who happened to be a chiropractor. Now, it should be noted, that as time progressed after the accident, I slowly began to loose the muscle mass and function of not only my shoulder, but the entire right arm as well. It was chiropractic that gave me the answers to my health problems, and chiropractic that restored ALL function to my shoulder, arm, back and neck. It was chiropractic that ultimately saved me. It was then that I realized my true purpose in life was not to work in the world of drugs and surgery, but to serve in a world where the idea that the body has the innate ability to heal itself which is the key to optimum health.

In 1994, I earned the honorable title of Doctor of Chiropractic, and returned to live and practice in the Valley. The majority of my post graduate education is in the care of the sports related injury. I chose this path, as our everyday activities, even some of the jobs people do, mimic what happens in the athletic environment. I feel this has given me a better understanding of the types of healing crises that people go through, and the knowledge of how to better take care of them. After nearly 7 years practicing in the Arrowhead Ranch area of Glendale, Arizona, fate placed me in Surprise, and after 9+ years, I’ve never looked back.